2020 3rd International Conference on Mechanical, Electrical and Material Application (MEMA 2020)
Prof. Yen Kheng Tan

Prof. Yen Kheng Tan


Research Area:

Electronic technology/intelligent technology

Research Experience: 

Dr. Yen Kheng Tan is the CEO of Printed Power Pte. Ltd., Singapore and was the Chair professor of Beijing Jiaotong University. He is also the Associate Editor of IEEE USA Sensors and Industrial Chair of IEEE Singapore section and was the chair of IEEE Singapore PELS/IAS chapter. Yen Kheng received his B.Eng. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the National University of Singapore, Singapore (NUS), in 2003, the M.S. degree in technological design from NUS and the Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands, in 2006, and the Ph.D. degree from NUS in 2011. His research activities are into to conduct research, design, development, and test bedding on various academic and industrial projects, including wireless sensor network and artificial intelligence control algorithms for smart building and environment monitoring, and power electronics for dc renewable connected grid and its high- and low-voltage power conversion interface.

His editorial and reviewer experiences span across various key publishers like InTech Scientific, Springer Editorial Board, Taylor & Francis Group, John Wiley & Sciyo and worldwide societies of more than 40 IEEE, IET, ASME, Elsevier and other international transactions and conferences. He is a book editor of more than 10 books published in Taylor & Francis, John Wiley, InTech & Sciyo and has published more than 50 papers in refereed journals and international conferences as well as 2 reference books, 9 book chapters and has 8 provisional patents/technology disclosure applications.